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warming things up. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. live doppler 7 hd the clouds, radar returns coming out from the north bay and starting to slide into the heart of the bay, rain not making it to the ground moisture in the clouds, clouds the big deal why temperatures aren't as cool in most areas. 7:00 around the bay, 32° to 46, 40s in san francisco and oakland. breezy by noon, near 50, increasing clouds 55 by 4:00, a few sprinkles at 7:00, low 50s there if you are around the inland neighborhoods,x?v frosty east bay in the 20s now, near 50 high clouds and sun, sprinkles north bay by 4:00, light rain north bay by 7:00, back in the 40s out at the coast no frost this morning, 39&vez 43°, neart8úñ 50 noon, d
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to upper 40s with sprinkles, north at 4:00, rain along the north bay coast at 7:00. here's sue with traffic. a little busy, east shore freeway past golden gate fields and gilman and university towards the macarthur maze. still at the limit more crowded, no -- minor delays bay bridge toll, for cash paying folks metering lights should be on shortly now things are good on upper deck towards the tunnel and san francisco. bart delay fremont line both directions from south hayward due to earlier debris'hnn on tracks they are recovering from that no other mass transit problems. accident median isabel westbound 580 livermore slowing traffic towards the dublin pleasanton area still about 25 minute drive from the altamont pass to 680/580 black ice skyline boulevard be
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careful if you are there highway 84, 35.aç3v we have breaking news in san francisco, crews were on the scene of a fire burning in ocean view district in one unit of three story apartment building on broad near plymouth several crews on the scene one person may have been treated for smoke inhalation, not confirmed. we are following the story and will bring you more information as soon as we get. in the south bay now needy families waiting in the cold to get help for the holidays. amy hollyfield joins us live from san jose with the toy giveaway getting underway later this morning. >> reporter: look at the line of people already here. these are people hoping to get some of the 17,000 toys that will be handed out today. they don't have to stand in line to get the toys, but they are here any way, in the cold. here's a look from the past what this day looks like. parents can pick out toys and
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books for their kids. officials here say they need 300 to 400 toys especially for teenagers. these people have appointments. they don't have to wait this line. but, some tell us it can get a little pushy and confusing and they just like to stakeout their spot. >> empty seats and when people come and try to fill those seats, people that have been here all night, they feel like they deserve to be in front of them. people argue, i'm just trying to beat that. >> reporter: he and his wife got here 2:00 this morning, their appointment isn't until 10. there are 15 to 20 people scheduled, per appointment they will be open today until 7:00 then 8 to 5 tomorrow they think they have enough gifts to give to 5,690 children. all of their slots are booked.
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if you do come down and don't have an appointment you will be turned away. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. vice president biden will get to work today on new gun policy task for the president asked him to chair in response to the school tragedy in connecticut. the vice president is expected to meet with law enforcement leaders from across the country. president obama announced new gun policy task force yesterday. stay with abc7 news coming up, we go live to connecticut for more on the vice president's meetings today. plus, how the sandy hook community is continuing to grieve. new in concord, police investigating robbery at popular mall it happened in the parking lot of the sun valley mall near the macy's store 7:30 last night. a came came at her from behind pressed what she thinks was a gun against the back of her
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head and demanded money. in the south bay, authorities are trying to find the gunman who opened fire on uniformed marine driving down a freeway. someone shot at the moving car on highway 85 in cupertino around 1 yesterday afternoon chp and sheriff's office trying to determine if the bullets were fired by someone on 85 or from the side of the freeway. u.s. marine recruiter was driving the car with government license plates he was not injured. hewlett-packard facing new suit from a shareholder accusing the company of making false claims over acquisition of the british software giant autonomy last month american panel wrote down.8.8 million dollars citing accounting mistakes the suit says hp represented the original value, hp is reviewing the claim. their
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lowest level of the year, better news analysts say they will continue to drop. national tafrpblg below the $3.27 a gallon mark drivers were paying january 1st of this year. prices dropped for the past 27 days, energy experts predict prices could fall further, prices with will aren't 20 cents a gallon less than in -- will run 20 cents a gallon less -- [ inaudible ] >> deadly attack that left four americans dead, including a bay area native. events happening now on capitol hill as the investigation into
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. live doppler seeing clouds north bay some radar returns blue variety not making it to the ground because the air is too dry between cloverdale -- napa 30, colder concord 29, 26 fairfield, frost redwood city and 32°. increasing clouds temperatures mid to upper 50s tonight won't be as coal tomorrow morning. but we'll have rain this --
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we'll have rain this time tomorrow. incline section upper deck reports of hit-and-run accident near s of curve, traffic flowing nicely. couple issues bart still experiencing 10 to 15 minute delay fremont line both directs from south hayward due tomorrower debris cleared. san francisco, muni, m line blocked due to fire at broad and plymouth, rerouted via k and t lines, shuttle busing in place to west portal. right now on capitol hill in washington, d.c., a senate foreign relationsvvm committee hearing on the except 11th, attack in --qsñm on september 1h attack in benghazijoáae getting underway now. testifying today are deputies to secretary of state hillary clinton, clinton herself is not testifying at
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today's hearing because she is recovering from a concussion. new this morning, we are just learning clinton is rescheduled to testify about the attacks next month. the date has not been specified. 6:11. ups gets ready to make history today. painful routine that has become too familiar in connecticut. good-byes continuing today. fi
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winds this morning with cloud cover helping keep temperatures up a little trying to talk too fast, sorry. a little wind ch alsohere=v
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half moon bay bay winds about seven. 7:00 the rest of us 30s and 40s 50s through 4:00, increasi(mu clouds and light rain north bay by 7:00 all of us have rain tomorrow, saturday and sunday mid to upper 50s. 6:15. vice president biden is getting to work on the gun task force president obama appointed him to chair he's meeting with law enforcement leaders from across the country in response to the school tragedy in connecticut. mark greenblatt joins us live from connecticut. >> reporter: we expect in sandy hook we are expecting more funeral processions to run through town later today as president obama is calling for meaningful action soon on gun reform. ♪ ♪ ♪ amazing grace
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♪ >> reporter: tears flowed freely neighboring communities came together for a tribute to newtown. >> benjamin, one of the greatest in heaven. >> reporter: funeral processions seeped to spread across connecticut, children and adults. more than 100 firefighters honored young daniel who wanted to grow up to be one of them. >> very upsetting that these young kids had their lives taken so early. >> reporter: mourners paid respect to sandy hook principal and teacher soto. >> i think any teacher what do what she did and not blink and just do whatever had to be done to protect those children. >> reporter: rebirth of sorts o for sandy hook students some got first look at new classrooms on loanhá from a neighboring
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town the principal taking the helm here will come out of retirement as a former sandy hook principal. in washington president obama issued resounding call to action. >> the president: this is not some washington commission. >> reporter: the president announced powerful team of cabinet members now have the new task of creating immediate reforms to prevent more shootings. vice president biden is wasting no time in getting right to work he's convining today, a meeting of top administration officials with top law enforcement officials from around the country to talk about how they can immediately begin implementing some of those reforms. mark greenblatt, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the school shooting tragedy. you can sign up for breaking news alerts at 6:17. other top story of the morning the temperatures another cold morning. >> especially east bay valleys, least affected by the winds and cloud cover where we are
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seeing thick frost this morning feel free to tweet us pictures or send pictures on facebook, nicco abc 7. people have been tweeting me, send a picture. clear skies from sutro tower across san francisco towards the east bay. over the last three hours clouds increasing across the bay we've reached our lowest point of temperatures all temperatures stabilizing as we speak. northwest corner sonoma county that is radar shooting into the clouds not making it to the ground. air too dry now for anything to make it to the ground. 30 napa and livermore, 29 concord, 26 fairfield, 32 frost redwood city. warmer san jose mountain view
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39 same oakland 40. san francisco 40 four. -- 44. 29 gilroy inland cool spot around monterey bay mid 30s. more clouds, faster breezes today dry during the daylight hours rain for all of us tonight milder tomorrow and wet and windy friday through sunday. high pressure holding this storm up to the north as it does, gathering moisture and also a lot of cloud cover at noon sprinkles north bay by 5:00 steadier rain towards santa rosa, could be moderate, midnight steadier rain along i-80 from sacramento to san francisco, overnight hours better chance of steadier0b0m2 n tomorrow morning a lot of green, definitely light rain everywhere for the commute scattered showers wednesday and keep the wet weather gear handy for friday night, heavier rain across the bay
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area during the early morning hours saturday from 3 to 7, by 8:00, steadier rain becoming showers at daygó%s afternoon, saturday evening a lull, showers scattered and lighter for saturday evening. up to five inches of rain north bay mountains, four inches north bay, inch or two around most of the bay area. going to come down in a]%qñ sl[ enough pace i don't think we'll get much flooding wet through monday morning, monday afternoon and tuesday dry. wet weather again wednesday. bay bridge, metering lights on, traffic backing up past the overcrossing towards 880 overcrossing, still looks like carpool lanes best way if possible. upper deck getting sluggish earlier accident at s-curve out of lanes delays into san francisco. san rafael southbound past freitas parkway and/or up towards north san pedro past
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civic center business southbound no problems and moving at the limit, couple issues delay fremont bart line due to earlier debris on tracks out of south hayward that affects both directions. muni san francisco m-line blocked@w[/k both directions at broad and plymouth rerouting k and t lines and subtle busings to west portal. -- and [ inaudible ] the reason getting balloons for your next party could be a problem. putting potatoes in the air! -- [ inaudible ]
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high temperatures today on the rise mid to upper 50s thanks to breezes out of the south this afternoon less sunshine as we head through the afternoon. rain and snow well north crescent city and that area going to stay well north during the daylight hours down to the south sunshine and low to mid 60s, palm springs, san diego and los angeles, tahoe you have to leave today i insist upon it, take tomorrow off, it is on me. [ laughing ] >> we have a winter storm warning it is going to be dangerous starting 6:00 tomorrow, snow level 4,000
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feet, gusty winds and whiteout conditions friday through possibly monday morning. new morning, frantic day for ups the company says it will be the busiest day in its history, the company known for the color brown is expected to deliver 28 million packages today in the u.s.. when you break it down that averages to 300 parcels a second. reminder, tomorrow is the deadline to ship gifts if you want to make sure they arrive by christmas eve. if you noticed fewer balloons at birthday parties you are not alone "new york times" reports there is a worldwide helium shortage, the reason a drop in natural gas prices making helium less profitable. new plants under construction in wyoming and overseas are facing delays and maintenance trouble. some party supply stores are turning away customers wanting balloons. others are rationing
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>> new video provided from airplane manufacturer boeing shows 20,000 potatoes filling seats on a test aircraft, boeing says too)>ly simulate how humans respond to electronic signals from wifi to sport phones. engineers say it avoids filling plane with hundreds of people for long periods of time after the test, boeing donated the potatoes to a food bank. >> sounds like a half baked idea to me. norad saying good-bye to google and hello to microsoft, the santa tracker team will use microsoft's bing mapping service to help track santa's journey around the world for the past five years norad had been using google earth. the partnership broke up when google launched its own competing santa tracking service. >> the tracking starts in four days or three days kids tried to get on yesterday. i can wait to see the changes
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with bing. who should pay forever pg&e's pipeline improvement? >> the decision expected today, more than two years after the deadly san bruno pipeline disaster. haz-mat scare on peninsula, forcing cruise to he -- neighborhood. >> reporter: live in santa rosa, temperatures near freezing rain on the way. hear from a man who says don't worry about the chill, chill out yourself, coming up in a live report. sue hall in the traffic center. live shot of the bay bridge, metering lights on. sluggish upper deck due to earlier accident cleared out of lanes. black ice reported in the santa cruz mountains andnwdu petaluma road causing problems there. bart delay and muni problems this morning, when with we come back, after the break a
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good morning on this thursday 6:30 thanks for joining us. live look on the bay bridge, botholóv sides of the bay, you n see a little wind out there which is probably good keeping things a little warmer than they otherwise would have been. otherwise, it is still pretty chilly out there. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. for our friends in the east bay and those valleys, you may have the worst of it this morning when it comes to the cold, right mike? upper 20s to low 30s. live doppler and satellite you can see high clouds over taking north bay and starting to spill into the east bay has kept temperatures up --
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[ inaudible ] light blue, not reaching the ground radar shooting into the clouds, seeing rain just too dry underneath that will be the theme today that's why we are going to be dry again. more clouds and low to mid 50s by 4:00. inland with frosty over east bay valleys, sprinkles north by 4:00, rain in the north bay by 7:00, along the coast rain up north by 7:00, ñ upper 40s. good morning. problems macarthur maze looks like one possibly two accidents maybe overturn involved we'll check on that this is a live look at 80 westbound approaching the maze i think these accidents are on the 580 approach, checking back in a couple of minutes on that. approaching the toll metering
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lights on traffic back to the 880 overcrossing. update on bart situation, no further delay out of fremont line because of earlier debris picked up. muni problem on m line both directions broad at plymouth due to fire k and t lines west portal in place. update on breaking news, crews contained two alarm blaze one burning in an apartment building in san francisco on broad near plymouth the fire started in one apartment in the back of the building went to two alarms, crews have knocked it down. muni bus being brought>77dg io transport 25 people evacuated, it shutdown muni service in that area, muni is trying to reroute now. crews are going floor to floor to make sure the fire is out and everybody is out of the building. latest on the muni option with sue in a bit.
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cold temperatures gripping the entire day area especially some places in the valley as a new storm moves closer to the bay area. outside. >> reporter: mid 30s here in santa rosa as i stand in front of the jelly doughnut, a 24 hour doughnut shop. look at a picture that says what this morning is about for a lot of people they come in every morning for a cup of coffee maybe more appreciative on a morning when it is closer to freezing. some getting wound up about this cold weather, a man said when it comes to chill, chill-out. >> if it is cold, i dress warm. >> reporter: kind of logical. >> yeah. >> reporter: are you ready for the rain this evening? >> we have it all the time. if you live in this area, you have to get prepared or else
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you will be washed away. >> reporter: talk about taking it all in stride. on the other side of the coin someone i met out here this morning travis williams, a homeless man traveling with his friend nadine, they say on mornings this coal the best they can do is to get -- this cold the best they can do is get up and move around they are picking up cans, to cash them in later on, a different perspective on the same thing, which is cold weather, talking about sprinkles this evening, late this afternoon, rain 7:00 tonight everybody adjusting to that some in a casual way others they have to find some place to keep dry on a night like tonight. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:34. right now people braving the cold in front of san jose's say -- sacred heart community
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service low income parents will pick out toys and books for their children. sacred heart says 5700 families will be helped this year, families had to preregister to get the toys today, the first appointment is 10:00. police investigating fatal shooting that killed a woman caught in the crossfire of a gun battle, she was shot on international boulevard near 90th avenue in oakland around 7:00 last night. police say she was the wrong place at the wrong time. the woman was walking to a store with a relative when she was hit, no one else was injured. police have not made any arrests. this morning people who live in al:uf san mateo hood are back home after being evacuated. a woman found highly volatile chemicals in her garage last night the bomb squad dug a hole and detonated the materials.
6:35 am
officials say two of the jars contained acid and ether, the acid is considered an explosive like tnt and ether can be close if exposed to oxygen over time. the woman who lives there is the wife of a former chemistry teacher who passed way in january. in a few hours the california public utilities commission is scheduled to vote on pg&e's request to raise rates for customers to help pay for it two billion dollar pipeline safety plan. the upgrades come in the wake of deadly explosion that killed eight and destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno two years ago. pg&e has requested customers pay more than 90% of the cost. arguing ratepayers should pay for the majority of the work because the upgrade is being undertaken to comply with new state and federal regulations. the fight for painter thomas kincade's 66 million dollar estate is over. his estranged wife and live-in girlfriend have reached a settlement they've not made
6:36 am
details public. the two had been fighting over the artist's estate since he died last april. traffic and weather together, next. here's a live look outside&átt. san rafael, 101, traffic getting a little heavy, not too bad. sue is watching a muni line you should avoid. she will also tell you about alternates. fire is contained but there's a muni impact. new mid-size car crash test results just released, the popular model that has failed to make
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[ unintelligible ] we have subfreezing temperatures in napa 30, livermore 30 right at freezing redwood city 32. 39 san jose. 40 oakland, 44 san francisco, rain we are going to have some well up to the north increasing clouds mid to upper 50s all us will have rain ÷ time tomorrow temperatures milder in the mid 40s to around 50° wet and windy tomorrow and more wet weather saturday and sunday. update on accident we were talking about. located west 580 at 9890 in oakland. here traffic e.f wesn left lane in the oakland area
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west 580 at 980, be aware of that. no longer bart delay muni line both directs broad and plymouth due to earlier structure fire reroute the k or t lines shuttle bus in place towards west portal. america's most popular car getting the worst marks in a new crash test from the insurance institute for highway safety the camry earned a poor rating in the recent crash test the group says the front wheel was pushed back bending the passenger compartment foot well inward. only two cars the 2013 accord and 2013 suzuki suzuki received top rating of good. ahead, nasa looks to emeryville's pixar for inspiration on its next spacesuit.
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trading underway on wall street. we go live to jane king at the new york stock exchange, next. >> reporter: new insight into the relationship between shooter lanza and his mother as the small connecticut community continues to bury its dead,
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welcome back. check out where the rain will be today clear lake and cloverdale the rest of us increasing clouds and breezes, mid to upper 50s, 56+ñy san francisco, 58 oakland, 57 san jose, rain well northó-qmñ+n
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forecast low to mid 60s sunshine in southern california the sierra is quiet today that is the key, today, starting tomorrow morning through monday morning winter storm warning two to five feet of snow above 7,000 feet winds gusting 65 to 70 miles per hour. slow levels down to 4,000 feet. have fun getting up there, please be safe. funerals have become part of the daily routine in newtown, connecticut. gun control daily debate nationwide all following the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. katie marzullo has the latest this morning. >> reporter: we have heard a lot about nancy lanza's concern for her son adam's mental health. cnn reporting the day before her death nancy returned from a short trip alone to a luxury resort in new hampshire, friends telling cnn in recent
6:45 am
years she felt comfortable leaving adam home ununsupervisedded. -- unsupervisedded. as of yesterday vice president control proposals to the president. in newton, residents have formed their own new group called newton united members advocating for what they call sensible gun legislation. >> 20 children trying to point us the way if we don't follow their lead, we have failed them and their deaths in vain. >> reporter: there will be more funerals today, services planned for two 6-year-old girls, there will be five funerals and six wakes today, at least nine funerals and wakes yesterday, including those for a teacher and the principal. connecticut's chief medical examiner says burial
6:46 am
arrangements for nancy lanza are being made in another state, possibly new hampshire. katie marzullo, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the tragedy in newtown. sign up for breaking news alerts at 6:47. nasa has released first pictures of a prototype for new line of spacesuits. [ suit bears a striking semblance to buzz light-year's suit in toy story. nasa plans to have the suit red in the next couple of years. "time" magazine named it one by disney.=(1)a you might be surprised to hear what kind of a raise one of your colleagues getting. >> new merger talks in the air
6:47 am
at american airlines, again. jane king has more live from the new york stock exchange. what kind of raise are you getting? >> maybe none. looks like american airlines and us airways closer to /ger, sources telling bloomberg teams from each carrier discussing how to combine departments. a decision on this could come early next month there's a meeting in early january we could have find out more then. google shares getting attention, agreeing to sell motorola home business worth more than two billion dollars another deal involves the -- company that owns the new york stock exchange is selling itself, intracontinental exchange is specializes in energy and commodity futures trading has acquire to acquire in a deal valued more than
6:48 am
eight billion dollars, nyse shares up 3% for so, interesting the stock exchange is 2 20 years old, the company 12-years-old. overall the markets looking a little lower report on december home sales in a few minutes. bloomberg index looks like it is trading didn't half percent overall markets a little lower across the board. are you getting a pay raise? one of your colleagues may be getting a bigger within than you. increase for 20133%. fortune magazine says star performers sometimes get twice that. i'm jane king. 6:49. >> why did chef to say that now we are all looking at each
6:49 am
other? sun is going to come up soon, picture from san francisco towards mount diablo high clouds stopped cooling in most areas clouds on live doppler you can see them moving in from the west, also a few radar returns lowest level, light blue not reaching the ground the air is too dry underneath it cloverdale, fort ross, the highway, annapolis road all that dry even though you can see radar returns i am coolest east bay valleys, frost towards napa, redwood city frost 30 two 39 san jose, 40 oakland, -- 44 san francisco, cooler monterey bay, mid 30s, 29 inland to gilroy. today increasing clouds, breezes and temperatures ahead of our next systempjnñ rain and
6:50 am
milder temperatures tonight. rain tomorrow through sunday high pressure dry air undercutting the storm now and slowing forward progress, lunchtime everybody seeing increase in clouds, a few sprinkles in the for the bay 50 steadier rain, moderate in santa rosa going to stay for the better part of the evening the steady light rain starts to move across 80 by midnight, heaviest rain will move in overnight night and taper to light rain for tomorrow's morning commute, behind that after the noon hour, waves of showers and windy conditions throughout the afternoon, evening, next system with heaviest rain saturday morning around 4:00, moving through the heart of the bay, out of here, steady variety by 8:00, less showers and still breezy, saturday afternoon and saturday evening ahead of the
6:51 am
next system sunday, )a rainfall amounts -- two to four inches north bay, up to one to two inches around most bay areas by tomorrow evening. more rain saturday and sunday could double totals monday afternoon and tuesday dry, wednesday another chance of rain highs in the 50s all seven days. back to oakland, overturn accident westbound 580 at the 980 interchange after the scene of the accident, traffic getting through, starting to n#vt the 980/24 junction overturn blocking left lane. muni problem with m line due to earlier fire, both directions broad and plymouth are asked to take k and t line shuttle bus in place to west portal. looking at your waze app, 580
6:52 am
at 980 accident reported by a traffic spotter. google play and apple app store. minor backing behind this accident. in this ever changing tradition is getting in the swing of things. u.s. sensors going online after relaying on paper forms for 42 years. no more knocks at your door or forms in the mail. next time the census rolls around in 2020, you can answer online a move to save time and money billion dollars. they have to pay for the workers. too bad for the loss of those jobs. 6:53. ahead, five things to know before you go. >> abc7 morn
6:53 am
6:54 am
as we get ready to hand "good morning america," five things to know before you. some folks may gethe9u frosty welcome as they get ready for work. in santa rosa people are more appreciative of hot coffee in the morning. some are concerned about the cold and wet weather others taking it in stride. >> number two, people in a quiet san mateo neighborhood waking up in their homes after being evacuated last night a woman found highly volatile chemicals imn her garage. the bomb squad detonated them. the woman's late husband was a former chemistry teacher. >> number three, testimony getting underway in washington, d.c. on the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed four, including the u.s. ambassador of testifying today deputies to secretary of state clinton. >> number four, this morning
6:55 am
the california public utilities commission expected to vote on pg&e's request to raise customer rates to help pay for two billion dollars in pipeline improvements. >> number five, low income parents lined up to pick out toys and books to give to their children. sacred heart community service says nearly 5700 families will be helped this year. >> a coal wait for them. -- a cold wait for hem. coat this morning almost as cold as yesterday, frost east bay valleys, high clouds starting to come in radar returns north nothing making it to the ground nor will it during the afternoon. 30s most of us, 40s fremont, oakland and san francisco, increasing clouds warmer this afternoon, mid-ejn 50s coast md to upper 50s for the rest ofc.tx
6:56 am
us. bay bridge metering lights on jammed towards the macarthur maze into san francisco slow upper deck. live look at 580 westbound an accident overturn at 580 at 980 past the scene, overturn blocking left lane. now the m line is switching back at 19th and holloway. improvement there due do -- to earlier blockage. the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic. >> we are always on at have a great day.
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good morning, america. happening now, that massive winter storm slams the middle of the country. the blizzard battering at least eight states, right now, with whiteouts and thundersnow. and look at this brownout in texas. dust storms blinding drivers. all set to snarl holiday travel. new this morning, all of chicago on-edge, after those brazen bank robbers made their daring escape from a downtown prison. one of the fugitive mothers calling police, after they showed up at her door. armed and dangerous. and a massive manhunt right now. buried alive for 15 minutes. this skier on one of her favorite runs, sucked under by

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